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Hardwood Flooring for rustic design

Would you like to add several natural, rustic charm to your house? While maybe you think about the selection of hardwood floor. Floors can transform the mood of a room, particularly in old-time decor.

One way to have a far more natural, earthy feel to your house is to settle on lighter tones for the hardwood floor coverings. These lighter colors, for instance a honey or light brown create a warm, comfortable environment for the room. These colors let you have a far more casual feel to your house, while deeper tones provide an elegant, more dramatic atmosphere. As another bonus, lighter shades and tones also produce rooms seem a bit larger. The actual warmer, natural colors let you decorate your house in virtually any fashion, while deeper tones might have to have a more polished pattern scheme.


Another exciting trend for just a more organic hardwood look is with a bigger sized solid wood plank in the random style. The size of the board make a difference to the overall feel of a room, and arbitrarily placing this planks is one fashion to make a location feel more rustic. Using hardwood like this also allows you to customize ones floors. Your flooring can look like none other. Choose a new plank that may be about 6-8 inches wide for the best effect. These planks could be great in a home, coming from a country cottage to an urban condominium.

To acquire your classic design a new step further, choose a new textured board for the floors. Textured flooring is basically becoming quite trendy from the design globe. You can select many different wood in achieving this effect. Pines plank would be a really great, natural approach to bring in most texture. Otherwise, you should buy planks that have been purposely scraped so as to provide several additional surface.