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5 Tips for buying Perennials Online

Perennial plants are a beautiful and attractive choice for building a garden, landscape or outdoor space. There are variations in color, shape and size that will continue to grow for many years to come. Buying perennial plants online is now easier than ever, however, the hardest part is deciding on which exact plants to choose. There are so many options available that you may not know where to start. When purchasing perennial plants online, there are some things you may want to consider before hitting the “submit my order” button.


1. Know your Garden Aspect (Landscape/outdoor space)

Take a look around your garden. Do you know which areas receive the most sunlight? What about the areas of your lawn or yard that may be prone to high winds? These are all questions that one should ask prior to purchasing plants online. Some perennials require full sunlight and some can only tolerate fully shaded areas and drought-like conditions. It is important to know the aspect of your garden or outdoor space prior to making any purchase online for plants.

2. Read the description carefully, including the fine print

When viewing pictures online and even in catalogs, the size, color and texture of the plants may vary. Perennials come in a wide range of types and can include groundcovers, grasses, ferns, and many more. Some perennials may look enormous from the pictures online and display one color, but may grow to be a lot smaller than what you imagined in an entirely different color. Additionally, there are some perennials that will not grow in your area and some require growing conditions that may not be possible for the area where you reside. Be sure to read the full description for each plant, as well as the fine print.

3. Be sure there is a return policy

How frustrating is it to wait weeks for your plants to arrive only to find that they are in terrible shape? The process of ordering perennials online, having your order fulfilled, shipped, and arrival at your doorstep can take weeks. It would be even more frustrating to order a good amount of potential garden plants only to discover that they cannot be returned. Most online plant stores come with a quality policy, be sure to check to see if any damaged or stressed plants can be returned or exchanged for better quality plants.

4. Check online for reviews

Many online retailers will offer customers the chance to write reviews on purchases. Sadly, sometimes these reviews are moderated to filter out low-quality reviews. Try doing an online search on the company and look for reviews that are not on the company’s website. If there is no information available on the company that you are thinking about using, you may want to order from a more reputable company or at least one that has an online presence. No information or reviews can be just as much of a red flag as not-so-good reviews.

Buying perennial plants online shouldn’t have to be a tedious task, as long as you follow the above tips. Happy growing!
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